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Everyone lives in a watershed!

A watershed is a drainage basin that collects precipitation which eventually drains to a common water body (e.g., stream, lake, wetland). Precipitation in a watershed may also sink into the earth to become groundwater. Depending on where you live, most of the water you drink comes from watersheds!


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Community News is for residents and anyone interested in our water monitoring program in general.  Water Monitoring Data contains the actual collected data reports. We are pleased you want to learn more.  We are here to help.



The Purgatoire River Basin is located near the southern border of Colorado, in proximity to Trinidad, Colorado. The study area is generally within the headwaters of the Purgatoire River, and associated tributaries between the Town of Stonewall and Trinidad Lake.






Important Information Update

Effective January 1, 2015 - Real-time monitoring data, collected every 15-minutes, is available at the following three Purgatoire monitoring stations; Purgatoire River upstream of Trinidad Lake at Madrid, CO (PR-8.8), Purgatoire River downstream of Sarcillo Canyon (PR-16.9) and Purgatoire River above Wet Canyon near Weston, CO (PR-24.9). Quarterly data is also collected at these same sites in addition to the South Fork Purgatoire at mouth station and available upon request. The following real-time monitoring stations have been decommissioned; Sarcillo Canyon, Reilly Canyon, Wet Canyon, Lorencito Canyon, South Fork Purgatoire at mouth, and Purgatoire River at Stonewall, CO. Historic 15-min data are available on the website at these monitoring stations from April 2010 – December 31 2014.

Sarcillo and Reilly Canyon monitoring stations decommissioned due to flooding impacts in July and August. Read More


Purgatoire Watershed Partnership

The Purgatoire Watershed Partnership is comprised of stakeholders with diverse interests who have come together to form a cooperative partnership to work towards the conservation, protection and enhancement of their water resources. You are invited to participate in efforts to promote watershed health. Read more at www.purgatoirepartnership.org.


The Purgatoire Watershed website is designed to provide ongoing information about the Purgatoire Watershed Monitoring Program. Tetra Tech, Inc., a national environmental engineering consulting firm, is implementing the watershed monitoring program in the Purgatoire River Basin to collect and evaluate surface water quality. This website will be your one-stop resource for a general overview of the project, data collection reports, and ultimately, analysis of the collected data. 

This online resource is beneficial to ranchers, people involved in the agricultural and recreational-related industries (fishing, etc.), as well as to water resource professionals.  Here, you’ll be able to better understand our technical water monitoring data, analysis, and reporting of this important watershed involving 25 sample locations within the Purgatoire River Basin. 



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