Did You Know?

Everyone lives in a watershed!

A watershed is a drainage basin that collects precipitation which eventually drains to a common water body (e.g., stream, lake, wetland). Precipitation in a watershed may also sink into the earth to become groundwater. Depending on where you live, most of the water you drink comes from watersheds!





About Us

The Purgatoire Watershed Monitoring Program is comprised of water resource professionals and experienced environmental engineers at Tetra Tech, Inc. who are responsible for the comprehensive collection and evaluation of surface water data in areas of the watershed influenced by coalbed methane (CBM) operations of Pioneer Natural Resources, and XTO Energy. 

Interested parties will be able to review water data via continuous satellite monitoring stations in near real-time monthly data collected and posted on this site. 

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The Purgatoire Watershed Monitoring Program developed as a result of differing perspectives on how to manage water produced from coalbed methane operations. Differing perspectives were expressed during meetings held by the staff of the Colorado Water Quality Control Division.

Landowners and locals expressed interest in maintaining access to the water for agricultural purposes and wildlife habitat. Other locals expressed concern that water quality might be harming agriculture and wildlife habitat. The energy operators who are active in the Raton Basin opted to gather the data needed to further address the desires and issues raised in an effort to assure policy makers to make decisions on sound science, rather than speculation or anecdotal evidence.