Did You Know?

Everyone lives in a watershed!

A watershed is a drainage basin that collects precipitation which eventually drains to a common water body (e.g., stream, lake, wetland). Precipitation in a watershed may also sink into the earth to become groundwater. Depending on where you live, most of the water you drink comes from watersheds!





Water Wells

Water Monitoring to Begin in Purgatoire River Basin

-Trinidad, CO


Raton Basin Specifics

Common problems and common solutions for water wells in Raton Basin

Vista Geosciences


Specific Problems

Methane in Groundwater

Methane in Water Wells


General Bacteria Information

Iron & Sulphur Bacteria:           
Iron and Sulphur in Water Wells


Specific Questions on Water Quality for Livestock, Irrigation and Human Consumption

Livestock Use:
Livestock – Salinity (CSU)

Livestock – Salinity (Texas)

Irrigation Use:
Salinty, Na, pH, alkalinity, Cl, B. SO4, Nitrogen

Sodic Soils

Human Use:
Human Drinking Water – Any Constituent

Human Drinking Water – Fluoride

Human Drinking Water – TDS



How wells are drilled

Water Well Basics – Fundamentals of an individual home water system

What Coloradoans Need to Know About Water Well Construction

State of Colorado – Rules and Regulations per SEO


Links for Water Well Information

Information for Private Water Well Owners

Safe Drinking Water from Your Well

Water – Private Wells for Home Use


Colorado Water Well Information

How well do you know your water well (SW CO – San Juan Basin)

COGCC Clarification to Gasland claims on water well impacts in Colorado